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Endure Program



to remain in existence; last.
“These values have endured through time”

Similar: last, live, live on, go on, continue, persist

Continuity, as it relates to vision, values, trust, and communication among families, is the cornerstone to successful wealth management long term. Callan Family Office is deeply committed to helping families address the uniquely personal aspects and experiences of significant wealth through our Family Governance and Education program, “Endure.”

Endure offers a dedicated and highly experienced team of consultants to advise you on strategies and practices that facilitate alignment, communication and decision-making within families and across generations. This includes advice on preparing for family business transitions, navigating family dynamics, preparing and educating next generations, and developing or enhancing family governance practices.

Endure is delivered through a select and exclusive collaboration between Callan Family Office and Insights Squared Consulting Group LLC (Insights2). Insights2 was founded by two industry veterans and leaders in Family Wealth Consulting and Family Talent and Leadership Coaching for ultra-high-net-worth individuals, couples, and multi-generational families

Callan Family Office understands the uniqueness of generational wealth and the importance of creating enduring financial and family legacies. Through Endure, clients have an opportunity to gain new insights and perspectives on achieving their most important family wealth objectives.

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