Capital Markets Assumptions 2022

Each year, Callan develops long-term capital markets assumptions, detailing expected returns, standard deviations, and correlations for major asset classes. These forecasts are the cornerstone for strategic planning. This charticle summarizes key figures from Callan’s 2022-2031 capital markets assumptions.

2021 Investment Management Fee Study

Callan’s 2021 Investment Management Fee Study, our ninth examination of what institutional investors pay for asset management, provides a detailed analysis on fee levels and trends across multiple asset classes and mandate sizes, for both active and passive management. The analysis gives insight into what our institutional investor clients are actually paying (negotiated fees) versus...

2021 Private Equity Fees and Terms Study

Callan’s 2021 Private Equity Fees and Terms Study is a comprehensive update to our inaugural study conducted last year. With each year, the study’s dataset broadens, and this year we include a wider variety of general partners and strategy types. The study is intended to help institutional investors better evaluate private equity funds, serving as...

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